Tuesday, 21 January 2014

'Westerners are so convinced China is a dystopian hellscape they’ll share anything that confirms it'

That's the headline in a piece from Quartz.com, which is pretty much the same theme that I wrote about a few months ago.  This time it's the infamous 'video sunset', allegedly set up for the benefit of Beijing's residents who can no longer see the real thing due to the thick pollution.  This is, of course, a load of cobblers.

The photo is actually from a tourism advert for Shandong province, and is part of a 10-second long piece playing on a loop.  But, hey, if I were the photographer who took such a great shot, I would be tempted to put something out there that is going to get it published in many of the world's major news outlets (not that I am saying he did that, you understand, no, no, no...)

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Em said...

It is a beautiful photo!