Friday, 27 March 2015

Which Lib Dems voted to (essentially) defenestrate Bercow?

In case you were wondering, by my reckoning four Liberal Democrat MPs voted for the Hague / Gove "student union politics" move that would have allowed Bercow to be unseated by a secret ballot.

They were:

- Tom Brake (no surprise; the Deputy Leader of the House dutifully sat alongside Hague throughout)
- Ed Davey
- Don Foster
- John Thurso

I read that 10 Lib Dems voted against, but don't have their names at hand.

Quite why the Liberal Democrats in government (and indeed William Hague for that matter, whose reputation as a "Commons man" must now be severely tarnished) agreed to go along with Gove's "clever" little scheme is beyond me.

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Left Lib said...

Lib Dems who voted against
Loreley Burt
Duncan Hames
David Heath
Martin Horwood
Bob Russell
Dan Rogerson
Jo Swinson
Steven Williams
Simon Wright
I missed one so check here;