Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Road Safety Adverts

I was doing some research on road traffic offences (don't ask), when I came across the first of these videos below.  It just served to remind me that after all the bad press that Northern Ireland has received recently about flags, marches, intolerance, bigotry and religious censorship, everybody from Norn Irn, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim or Atheist, can all stand together and take pride in the fact that we are a world leader in horrifically graphic road safety advertisements.

Have a look if you don't believe me.  (The last one is two are, by the way, particularly brutal).

All in all though, drink driving is a much more socially unacceptable behaviour in Ireland and the UK than it is in the US, so maybe it goes to show that the shock tactics in these road safety commercials work.

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