Monday, 3 March 2014

Ukrainian news website reporting the (probably untrue) death of Yanukovich

UPDATE: Although the tweet claiming that Yanukovich is dead remains on Michael Lebed's Twitter feed, (see below), the story that originally carried the report on has been updated to include a denial from the cardiac surgeon in the Rostov hospital that Yanukovich was ever there.

The day after the Russian ambassador to the United Nations triumphantly waived a letter from former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich requesting Russian intervention in his country, a Ukrainian website is reporting that Yanukovich has died in the Russian city of Rostov of heart failure.

This remains an unconfirmed report, save for @Michael_Lebed's tweet and Facebook update, so for the time being I am treating it as untrue.

In the absence of confirmation, I took this post down, but decided to re-post it, in order to provide the counter-balance from this website, which has, I have to say the most delightful turn of phrase (click to zoom).

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