Saturday, 15 March 2014


There is a new sensation sweeping the nation thanks to Jon Stewart at The Daily Show, and the slightly surprising figure of Senate Minority Leader and Senator for the great state of Kentucky, Mitch McConnell.

McConnell is up for re-election in the fall, and his team last week released a 2.5 minute long campaign video, featuring Mitch doing things that people in campaign videos do: walking with students; sitting with his wife; making a speech; meeting workers.

And the message that went with it?  Well, there wasn't one.  There were no words at all in the video, just a weird background elevator-type piece of music.  The video is being put out so that so-called Super-PACs (political action committees) that are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money in support of McConnell's campaign so long as he does not co-ordinate or direct them can use the footage to make their own videos in support of him.

Viewers in the UK or Ireland should be able to see some of the DS footage here.

As Stewart points out in the clip above, you can put almost any piece of music to this video, and it works, and it is funny.  So he put the challenge to his viewers, as the show took a break for vacation, "Go forth and start #McConnelling".

Check it out on Twitter, some of them really are very funny.  Below is a selection of my favourites (the last two are works of pure genius!).  HuffPo has their selection here.

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