Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Hurray for the Guardian! They Fixed Their Error! With Another One!

Well done to The Guardian. As I pointed out yesterday, between the 'staff and agencies' to whom the column was accredited (read 'wire-stories and someone on work experience'), they had managed to mislabel David Owen as a "party stalwart". I pointed this out to them, and was pleased to find an email this evening from the paper generously admitting that it was a "good point", and declaring that they had amended the story accordingly.

Bravo for them.

David Owen has now been rebranded as "a senior figure from the liberal movement", (something that I am sure causes as much embarrassment to Lord Owen as it does to those of us in the liberal movement.)

Naturally I have once again contacted The Guardian pointing out the error...

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Edis said...

I think we need to contact the Readers Editor. It is unacceptable to amend a previously published story without indicating that it has been amended. The practice of the ‘Slate’ newsboard is superior here. If they make a correction to a web story they add a footnote saying ‘ this story originally stated X and X. This is incorrect because of Y and Y and story has been amended to read ZZZ’ If ZZZ is still nonsense at least we have an audit trail in the open.