Thursday, 1 February 2007

Blair Questioned; is Scooter Levy's Number Up?

The shock news that Tony Blair was questioned again last Friday has just hit the airwaves.

It seems that Yates of the Yard wanted Number 10 to keep schtum about the interview until Insp. Yates had another word in the ear of Lord Scooter Levy.

It's clear that Blair himself is not going to face any charges over all this; it also looks like there are not going to be any charges under the 'cash for coronets' laws. This just reinforces the comparison, made yesterday, with the Scooter Libby trial (you can see video of Prosecutor Fitzgerald announcing the indictments here.) It is interesting that it was a grand jury in Washington D.C. who decided whether there were charges to be answered in the Libby case, instead of the C.P.S. and the Attorney General as here. I wonder whether a grand jury here would come to a different conclusion than the C.P.S.; the latter needs to feel confident in securing a conviction, whereas the former just needs to be convinced a crime has been committed.

The main question is fast becoming whether Lord Levy panicked and kicked dust in the eyes of the ref.

I hope for the good of politics that this is brought to a conclusion soon.

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