Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Do whites really run scared of black history?

In my blog post yesterday, I encouraged readers to read Ta-Nehisi Coates' essay, 'Other People's Pathologies, in The Atlantic.  As I normally do, I tweeted a few times with a link to my blog post:

What's been fascinating to observe is the reaction to it, and by that I mean the relative lack of reaction or interest.

Normally when I tweet a blog post, no matter how banal, it registers about 5 or 6 click-throughs from Twitter to the blog post.  Each of these tweets got somewhere between 0 and 1 person clicking to read it, at roughly the same times of the day as I would normally tweet the link.

Regular sources of traffic to the blog (from the UK), such as Lib Dem Blogs and Lib Dem Voice have been noticeably quiet in terms of traffic.

Have I failed to sell the blog post as well as others I have written, or is indifference to black history as bad as (or perhaps even worse than) I alluded to in the post itself?  Writing the post has been almost as enlightening as reading the Coates essay.

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