Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Things Culchies Love

Yesterday's post of Feilim McHugh's brilliant da, reminded me of a list from many years ago of 'Things Culchies Love'.  If you're not Irish, you probably don't know what a culchie is: it's someone from the country; someone who engages in agricultural pursuits.  I think it's pretty fair to say that Feilim's oul fella is a culchie (the giveaway was the hat).

So, in honour of Feilim's da, here is, resurrected from the vaults of the interwebs, a list of things culchies love.


1 A nice bit of ham.

2 Buttered biscuits.

3 Diggin Houles.

4 Saying its too cold to snow

5 Pretending to know about The Ra.

6 Tayto Cheese & Onion

7 Pretending they're in The Ra.

8 A stretch in the evenings

9 Lucozade

10 Accordians

11 Pretending to like Holy Week.

12 A dinner dance

13 Gettin clattered in muck.

14 Shania Twain.

15 Hefers

16 Spittin in their hands before doing anything manual

17 Steel toe caps.

18 A big bowl of carrots & parsnips.

19 Eating sangwiches out of the boot of a car at GAA

20 Saying someones 'Opened a Book' on something.

21 The smell of fresh dung.

22 Slice-Your-Own Loaf.

23 Work Clothes

24 A bottle of mineral.

25 Fightin'.

26 Puttin on a gansey to stop them from bein foundered

27 'The' Hurling/Fitball.

28 Being overweight.

29 Weemin wha resemble Hefers.

30 Saying "Aaah" after taking their first sup of tae.

31 Drink driving.

32 Red diesel

33 The Fear of Change.

34 A nice bit of Barnbrac

35 Lying.

36 Building walls.

37 Being starved with the cold rather than with a lack of food

38 Pretending to like mass

39 Talking about sh1te like Flax and the Corncrake.

40 A good blackthorn walkin stick.

41 Shouting 'Yeeeeeoooo' when something good happens.

42 Mohammed Ali.

43 Machinery.

44 Strange uppy-downy walks.

45 A good f**kin read of Irelands Own.

46 Gelling their 1cm fringe tight to their forehead.

47 Scandal, as long as its about other people.

48 Turf, because Sentirl heatin's for weemin.

49 Soda farls.

50 Sponge 'n Custirt

51 Nawmerica', and anything to do with it.

52 Givin the dog the wildest baytins.

53 Givin the wife the wildest baytins.

54 The Ra.

55 Winning a leg of lamb in a raffle.

56 Wrecking the house whilst steaming.

57 Club Orange

58 Rubbing their hands together before tucking into their dinner

59 The Foot & Mouth.

60 Aetin' a big feed of spuds.

61 TK Red Lemonade

And there's also this, which really made me laugh. (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE)


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